Network2010 is an independent media operated from a citizen's perspective. It is an archive project to convey Nagoya's history to the next generation through digital images, and to record and transmit to the world the progress of Nagoya's urban development in preparation for the opening of the linear railway line.
❶日本語 Japanese INDEX
❷英語 English INDEX
New・・・Nagoya Walking Map INDEX
❶Tour of Nagoya Castle Town in the Edo Period
❷Sakae Walking Map
❸Nagoya Station Area Walking Map
❹Nagoya Castle Area Walking Map
View of Nagoya City from the sky
❶Nagoya seen from the sky Vol.1
❷Nagoya seen from the sky Vol.2
❸Nagoya Expressway seen from the sky
❹Nagoya Castle seen from the sky
❺Linear Shinkansen route near Nagoya
Nagoya's urban development in preparation for the opening of the Linear Shinkansen
❶Nagoya Port 2017
❷Nagoya Port Garden Pier
❸Hisaya Odori Park Video Map
❹Historical Heritage of Eastern Nagoya City
The History of Nagoya in Images
❶400 Years of Nagoya History
❷History of Nagoya Castle 400 years
❸Changes for 130 years of Nagoya station
❹Changes for 130 years of Sakae zone in Nagoya city
Nagoya Castle
❶History of Nagoya Castle 400 years
❷Guide to Nagoya Castle
❸What a gorgeous Nagoya Castle Honmaru Palace!
Tourism and Historical Heritage in Aichi Prefecture & Nagoya City
National Treasure Inuyama Castle
Inuyama Festival
Nagashino Battle Flag Festival
Junihitoe Dressing show
Beauty of Japanese sword
Tokugawaen & Hosa library
The Doll Festival of the Owari Tokugawa Family
Osu Street Performing Festival
Akibasan Fire Festival


Major Shinto rituals at Atsuta Shrine
Toka Shinji January 11
Hosha Shinji January 15
Kinen-sai March 17
Bugaku May 1
Eyoudo Shinji May 4
Shinyotogyo Shinji May 5
Atsuta Shrine Festival June 5
Tourism and Historical Heritage in Gifu Prefecture
❶Hida Takayama seen from the sky
❷Gujo Hachiman Castle & Gujo Odori Dance Festival
❸Mino Washi Akari Art Contest & Exhibition
❹Traditional Methods of a Japanese Sword
Tourism and Historical Heritage in Mie Prefecture
❶History and sightseeing spot of Toba City
❷Mikimoto Kokichi & Mikimoto Pearl Island
❸Toba Aquarium
❹Toba Sea-Folk Museum
❺History and sightseeing spot of Shima City
❻Tokaido Highway Suzukatoge Pass & Seki post town
❼Iga style ninja Museum
❽Saiku & Saio Princess Festival