Atsuta Shrine Kinen-sai Shinto ritural March 17

【Video】Atsuta Shrine Kinen-sai Shinto ritural March 17

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Toka Shinji January 11
Hosha Shinji January 15
Kinen-sai March 17
Bugaku May 1
Eyoudo Shinji May 4
Shinyotogyo Shinji May 5
Atsuta Shrine Festival June 5

Kinen-sai Shinto ritural is a festival which prays for prosperity of abundant. This Shinto ritural is also called "Toshigoi no Matsuri". Kinen-sai Shinto ritural in spring and Niname-sai Shinto ritural in autumn are carried out as agriculture Shinto ritural from ancient times in the whole country.

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