The Eyoudo Shinto ritual Atsuta Shrine May 4

【Video】The Eyoudo Shinto ritual

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Eyoudo Shinji May 4
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Atsuta Shrine Festival June 5

Kusanagi no tsurugi(Kusanagi sword) is one of the three sacred imperial treasures.

In 668 during the reign of Emperor Tenchi,Kusanagi sword which is the object of worship of Atsuta Shrine was stolen by the priest of Silla. Although Kusanagi sword was regained safely,the sword was kept by the Imperial Court, without being returned to Atsuta Shrine.

As the result of having requested for restitution repeatedly, Kusanagi sword was returned to Atsuta Shrine in 686. Since the sword was carried out through Seisetsu gate, it has been shut till the present.

The Eyoudo Shinto ritual expresses joy when the sword was returned. After extinguishing the light of the precincts of Atsuta Shrine,the shinto priests put joy and laugh it as "Ohoho." in front of Yougonoma Shrine, Kaguraden, Associated Shrine, and Seisetsu Gate.

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