Nagoya Port Garden Pier

Nagoya Port Garden Pier

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❷Nagoya Port Garden Pier
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In 1907, Nagoya Port was opened and a pier(Central Pier) was built.After that, the east and west piers were constructed, and in the early Showa period(1926-1989), these three piers were upgraded.The current "Garden Pier" is the area that was the main pier of Nagoya Port until the Showa period 30's (1955-1964).When Nagoya citizens say "Nagoya Port", they often think of "Garden Pier".However, in the Showa period 40's (1965-1974), the Inaei and Kinjo piers were constructed, and the focus of logistics shifted to the offshore piers.

Nagoya Port Building was opened in July 1984.The building is 63 meters high and its exterior is designed to resemble a white sailing ship floating on the sea.You can also see Nagoya Port from the observation deck, 53 meters above ground.

Nagoya Maritime Museum is located on the third and fourth floors of this building.Through the Port of Nagoya, Japan's largest international trading port, you can experience the port, ships, and the sea.

The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Japan in terms of floor space.The South Building was completed in March 1992, and the North Building was opened in November 2001.In the museum, dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, and sea turtles are bred and studied.Outside, there is one of the world's largest outdoor water tanks (13,400 tons), where you can watch dynamic dolphin and killer whales shows up close.There are also regular events such as training for harbor seals and killer whales, and a tornado of Japanese sardine.